Saturday, 10 November 2012

Recolour Prologue

Before it all happened our world was normal. Sims lived. Sims Loved. Sims Died. Some of us got along and some of us didn’t. We were all different. We lived in a world full of light and colour.
Then everything changed.
Day Zero.
The day that reset every clock, every calender, every reckoning. The day the colour fled our lives.
The meteor strike caused much death and destruction. It poisoned our air, our soils and us. It striped the colour from our very souls. At first no one complained; half of us were so thankful to be alive and the other half thought we’d all die from the noxious gasses or deadly earth anyway. But those of us who survived didn’t die. Not all of us, anyway. Some of us lived and eventually we began to mourn what we’d lost. Our homes, our families, our friends and our colour.
We lived— no, we survived and despite all brought forth a new generation. Then another.
In year fifty reports started filtering in. Colour had been spied in the lakes district! It was no more than a tuft of yellow hair here, a flash of a green eye there, but it was colour. We wanted to send our best scientists, but the locals were suspicious, they feared we wanted to take away what they had, to pilfer their resources. I’m ashamed to say that with the state of the world since day zero they had every reason to fear. Instead we sent a young couple. The couple was intelligent and had skills the community needed. Their mission was to live and work in the lake districts and to report back their observations. And to love, that was important too because the colour was showing stronger with every generation.
And so they went to start their legacy and recolour our world.


  1. Interesting start! I can't wait to see how this ends up!

    1. Thanks! I hope to have the first chapter up tonight!