Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Future's Present: A Call for Extras! Your Sim in my Story!

Well, I’m going to need a large amount of extras in part two of my story. Sure I can make a heap myself, but while I love dressing sims, making them? Not so much. I have issues with facial recognition, in that I don’t recognise people by their faces. It means when I meet new people who insist on changing their clothes/hairstyle every time I see them (who doesn’t? lol) it can take a few times for me to learn other ways to recognise them.
Well, this makes it tricky when designing my sims! It’s hard to make them unique and interesting and then to know when I have. My sims very rarley change hairstyle and clothes because then I forget who they are, lol.
So I thought I’d put the offer out.
Do you have a sim who’s just aching to be an actor? Maybe they are fed up with modern life and want to take a trip back to better days. Maybe their creator just really wants to see them in my story! lol!
Well, the gist is, if you’d like your sim to be in my story then upload them somewhere and drop me a link. I’m looking for all sorts of sims that would suit my theme (which I’d love to be 1882 but due to the lack of accuarte historical CC it’s just kinda Victorian/Edwardian) but I’m mainly looking for lower and middling classes. Feel free to use any CC you like, if it’s historical themed I probably have it. I think if I don’t then when I download your sim my game just substitutes something I have? right?
I might have to tweak your sims clothes/hair to suit but you’ll still be able to play spot your sim!
There’s only one hitch… I have no idea how/where to put a sim up for download, so if you don’t know either…! lol. If anyone does know then please let me know so I can tell people.
Also if you already have a sim for download that you’d love to spy in my story then please feel free to drop a link, even if they don’t fit the theme, and I can re-dress them etc so that they do.

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